Wild Willy’s, Watertown

Watertown, MA

Menu Options:
GF Labelled?: X
Food Quality:
Server Knowledge:

Mmmmmm BERGAHS. Sometimes, its all you want. In Boston, however, having a bunless burger gets old real fast.

Thankfully, there’s a GF answer to that – WOOOOOOOOOT

Well, technically Gluten Sensitive. Since there is flour in the kitchen, they cannot guarantee anything so to those who are oober-sensitive, be awares.

But still – Yay Wild Willy’s Hamburgers! They are one of the rare places that has a dedicated space for their GF offerings, so the likelihood of cross-contamination is considerably lessened.

And OH, YEAAAA they’re burgers are delicious. All the beef is open to yours truly – your choice of Angus, Natural, Grass Fed, or Bison. A big, juicy burger cooked the way you like it, whichever grade you choose.

There is also a chicken burger, and a hotdog but I’m not actually sure if they’re safe as I’ve never ordered them…huh….

There are locations in Watertown and Worcester locally, as well as one in Rochester, New Hampshire and one in York, Maine.

Admittedly, I’ve only had the basic Angus Beef Burger – as can be expected, the other meats are more expensive and I’m poor and lazy – but as you can see, the quality is just as good and you get a considerably large burger.

Also – bonus! – there are a few delivery options (theoretically) depending on where you live. Ours is only a few blocks away so I just go pick it up, but I have used doordash before, after *ahem* a night of debauchery (sometimes, you’re just too desperate to leave the house).

So that’s the good news.

The unfortunate news is that topping options are slim. Thankfully, the staff is very mindful about what is ok and what isn’t, and they will be able to answer any questions about what is and isn’t safe.

Toppings available to Glutards are:

Red Onion
Cheese – American, Swiss, Jack, Cheddar (sadly not the maple smoked cheddar)
Lettuce / Tomato
Mayo, Ranch, Thousand Island, BBQ, Honey Mustard
Smoked Mayo (it is SO. GOOD.)

Green Chilies, and Guacamole are also options which are technically lacking in glutenous additions, but they are provided by a different company which “cannot verify gluten-free status”

Sadly their fries are a no-go. As are any of the toppings that are sautéed such as the grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Whamp Whomp.
Being the bad glutard that I am, on occasion I will throw caution to the wind, take a pill and order those anyway – they always call (if I ordered online) and/or tell me they’re not technically GF since they aren’t prepared in the separate area.

I also love to order a side of Cole Slaw, which I slab onto my burger, and it is absolutely delish. My go-to is smoked mayo, bacon, swiss, guac, side of slaw which I then smother on my burger (see picture above).

To help wash it all down, they make a homemade Lemonade or Raspberry Lime Rickey which is always a treat, or you can over-stuff yourself on their epic Frappe or Rootbeer Float.

Oh yea, and bonus! They serve wine and beer.

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