Glutenus Minimus

Just writing that title makes me so very sad. That was a fantastic bakery – had I known she was trying to sell it to get out, I definitely would have bought it. *Sigh*

RIP My Love….

On to the point.

I know that my last post was about dieting, and sorry but I’m on a kick now, so this one will be as well. Then, I promise to get back to the good stuff. I just haven’t been much into cooking or eating out since I smashed up my rib the other weekend – you’ll be happy to know that I didn’t break anything, by the way. My husband convinced me to (begrudgingly) go to the doctor on Monday, and I was told I may have ripped tendons or knocked loose the cartilage or something. Final Diagnosis: “rib contusion” and some pain medication to help me sleep; expected recovery 3-6 weeks (wooo…..).

Sorry, tangent. Again.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I have in the past considered going Paleo since its like 90% similar to a GF diet already, but I chickened out due to my love affair with cheese. Even so, that didn’t stop me from subscribing to a paleo diet newsletter which is…ehhh, it’s alright I guess. In true internet fashion, “fave and forget”-ed the whole thing, setting up the email subscription to be immediately marked read and filed in an email folder without even skipping through my inbox. Needless to say, I have a lot of email to go through now.

A majority of it is repetitive, but they do have recipes, and the occasional health-related tips and tricks for those interested. In fact, as I was just going through this folder I came across one that is specifically about gluten – which prompted me to write this post to you all: PaleoEats Your Guide to a Gluten Free Diet (technically, the website is “Ultimate Paleo Guide”)


Photo shamelessly borrowed from PaleoEats

I think its interesting to see other people’s takes on diets, don’t you? A lot of times, you get into an allergy or new health craze without totally understanding it. You can spend hours researching but inevitably just come out of it even more confused having been told a bunch of contradictory information from different people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a specific question which no one could actually answer, but a million sites/bloggers claimed to do on their site. Epic Fails.

Which is why I always recommend this: You can research all you want, but no matter what other people say, only you know what your body feels like, and how it reacts. So bottom line is, trust your body. Really. Doctors are, like, 70% guessing at everything they tell you to do.

This is why some glutards can drink Corona (yea, I can’t believe it either. I trust they’re telling the truth, but I’m still not going to try it).

(why is it always pictured on a beach?)

Oh and for whose wondering why I keep bringing it up, I think it was this blog post that I read that these findings came up in. The truth is, as it has under 20ppm gluten, it could be technically labelled Gluten-Free, although even the company does not agree.

Where was I?
Right! The paleo people.

Paleo Eats Take on the GF Diet can be found here:

Reading through, I’m like “yes. no. maybe. yes. yes. maybe.” to everything they claim so again – trust your gut (literally).

For example: spirits are maybe gluten free depending on your sensitivity, whereas they claim they’re safe for all.

Oats are included on the GF nix-list not just because of cross-contamination, but because they’re the same-ish family of grain which makes them still an issue for some, like myself.

Ironically, while barely is in the gluten family it is the sometimes grain for more glutards – it’s actually wheat rye oats and sometimes barley if you ask most people, not wheat/barley/rye and sometimes oats.

Get my point? It is certainly important to hear many perspectives, but always trust your (literal) gut. Doesn’t matter it people say “you aren’t allergic”. Do you feel like crap when you eat it? Then don’t eat it. Just because you technically can, doesn’t mean you should.

Actually, reminds me of this funny thread I saw recently:


Back to Paleo and Gluten-Free, they are both very similar diets – paleo in many ways is the more hardcore limited GF diet because it also cuts out dairy and….other things… The premise is going back to your evolutionary roots, the caveman diet, etc. But the point is, if you’re a Glutard newbie looking for recipes, and don’t want to overcomplicate things, start with recipes labelled Paleo – these recipes won’t include all of the ridiculous substitutions that most traditional GF recipes have (“use this specific ratio of flours with xanthan/guar gum” or “look for a flour that doesn’t have this”, or “if your flour doesn’t have this then add it” weirdness).

Additionally, Paleo is very against additives and preservatives – its all fresh-made unadulterated ingredients, which (while tedious for the lazy chef) means you don’t have to worry about researching the GF reliability of the ingredients before you’re comfortable with the diet (“natural flavorings”, “caramel color”, “msg”, “textured vegetable protein”, “modified food starch” – uuugggghhhhh. The list goes on).

Because really, it’s bad enough that you’re basically changing your entire way of life without overcomplicating things too much.

And remember – always read the label.

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