Blaze Pizza, Boston

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Blaze Pizza
961 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston (Near Packard’s Corner)

Another weekend, another pizza.

Finding decent delivery is so tricky for where I live, which may be why I am so fixated on pizza. Every time I’ve found a place, after 1 or 2 deliveries, they declare my home “out of delivery area,” and I guess I get it – I live in a residential area a decent distance from the strips of shops and restaurants which I’m ordering from. I can’t help it that my little town is devoid of GF offerings so am forced to seek solace from neighboring areas. Alas! It always seems the case.

First, it was direct delivery from the fooderies – which was ripped away.

I found a short period of solace with Foodler, only to have them, too, find difficulties with making it. And, of course, them ceasing to exist.

So I turned to GrubHub. That too was short lived.

My newest attempt is with the joys of DoorDash. I will say that of all the companies offering food delivery, this one so far is definitely my favorite. They have a tracking system attached to their service, so you can physically see when your order is being picked up from the spot and its progress to your house. VERY Cool.

Sadly, my two top pizza spots are still on the not available list, but it does give me opportunity to explore the other offerings in our fair city – which is after all what my foodie life and this blog is all about, no?

After a quick search and a few perusing of menus, I came across Blaze Pizza located near Packard’s Corner. The menu is limited on offers, but the specialty pizzas sounded quite tasty. They have a GF crust option so I thought I’d give it a go.


This is my first time hearing of this place, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed that Lebron James had a hand in it. Although I’m not sure if that makes me more or less inclined to eat there again…

I’m fascinated by the change in tactics for fooderies moving towards the fast-line construction in service. Very Taqueria-esque. But now instead of just Mexican, we have  Mediterranean spots, salad spots, and now even pizza spots? Crazytown.

Regardless of their tactic, my interests are primarily in Delivery spots – please don’t ask me to leave my cave.

My pizzas of choice were:

BBQ Chkn
Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, Red Onion, Banana Peppers, Gorgonzola, BBQ Sauce Drizzle
– I added buttermilk ranch drizzle finish


White Top
White Cream Sauce, Mozzarella, Applewood Bacon, Chopped Garlic, Oregano, Arugula
– with added Ricotta (because white pizza and ricotta are in my opinion, truly meant to be).

I always order two very differing types so that I can compare and contrast. I’m surprised at how many times I’ll find a place that makes a really good plain cheese, but a horrible topping pizza (or vice versa). So weird.

My choice this time came down to a personal love of white pizzas, and a bbq kick that the Husband has been on. I didn’t particularly feel like a heavy meat or heavy spice topping (this time), and the others that appealed have pesto which he can’t eat.


Bonus – the additions didn’t cost extra (woot!)

Negative –  I think there may have been a bit of a miscommunication, because my asking for ranch drizzle might have negated the bbq drizzle somehow. Specialty pies don’t allow for “comments”, which was super annoying; I couldn’t add a side of ranch, thus the drizzle finish.

Many of you are probably thinking “ew – ranch and pizza? blasphemy!” I know. I was always a true Bostonian with my red pepper flakes and parmesan growing up. But those Californians are really onto something with the ranch. I even got my Husband on board – if you haven’t tried it, you really must give it a go.

Had I known the result would be a replacement, however I wouldn’t have ordered it.

Even so, I thought they were decently tasty. Thin, buttery crust with an even balance of flavors to the toppings, which didn’t separate in a chunk from the crust when you took a bite (serious pet peeve). Not overly greasy, and the flakey bits of the outside rim were soft and crunchy without being burnt. It was reminiscent of the GF pies you can get at Upper Crust which are thinner, lighter.

The pie was hot when it was delivered. The first piece I tried to pull from the lot I’m sorry to say did this kind of melty fall apart thing, but by the second piece it had cooled enough to maintain shape and not break apart again (while still being warm).

Even before I moved and was still in the iffy relationship with pizza, I would always opt for thin crust if it was an option. I mean, or the Sicilian at Pinocchio’s – YUM. But those days are long over. I can’t imagine anyone ever will be able to offer a deep dish GF pizza which is successful.

The Husband, I’m sorry to say, disagrees with me on the thin crust, so he was not particularly a fan. Whatever GF pizza I bring in, he is always thinking in terms of “does it taste like ‘normal’ pizza” vs “is it tasty.” Regardless, he didn’t like the crust.
But pooey to him I say! I think that will have to just go down as a preference difference.

I was happy to see that it was still tasty and with good consistency even when cold. It didn’t get all hard like a lot of GF pizzas do. It didn’t last into refrigeration and reheating, but I will be sure to test that next time.

As far as the size goes, they are definitely individual – sized pizzas about 10-11″, 6 slices versus 8. To people could share it with 3 slices each, which would equate to 1-2 slices of a normal medium/large pizza maybe (depending on where you’re comparing to).

And I’m sorry, I totally forgot to take pictures. I fail.

I did however borrow some pictures from a quick google search which match my experience.

From Tom’s Foodie Blog, this picture of the bottom of the crust:


And from Disney Springs, this picture that illustrates the size:


I will agree with him that it wasn’t my favorite GF pizza that I’ve had (I think that Jumbo’s still holds that honor), but with limited options for delivery, I think it’s safe to say that I’m willing to give it another go.

did actually like this more than the Ecco Pizza from Allston, which is all well and good since they aren’t available to me anymore.

Perhaps it would be a worthwhile post to have my pizza places listed in order from best to worst. That would probably be smart, yes? Though tricky….

I will be ordering once again, if for no other reason than to take photos, or when the Husband is out and I can have it all to myself – so I will have a chance to try their green stripe with pesto.


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