Eventide Oyster Co., Portland ME

86 Middle Street, Portland, ME

Menu Options: ✔+
GF Labelled?: (mentions GF bun available)
Food Quality: ✔+
Server Knowledge: ✔ 

Why give them a 5 when they’re missing a denomination? The food and service more than made up for it!

Any foodie can tell you that imbibing in the pleasures of nourishment is always more fun when done in tandem. Jokingly, when I found my own foodie partner in a dear old friend of mine, I began referring to him as my “Food Husband.”

My husband husband, I can assure you, has no problem with this. We had occasion to bring him on one of our food excursions a few years back, but his enthusiasm for the experience was considerably lower than our own. Quickly realizing this was not an experience he’d enjoy, he bid us “good luck” and left us to our vice. To clarify – he left after about 30 minutes – we stayed for four hours.

Thus is the life of a foodie.

Unfortunately, a few years back, my Food Husband (I’ll call him FH) moved to Portland, Maine. His mother had a house there, so he had spent a lot of time growing up in the area and absolutely adored it. When she moved up there permanently, the incentive for him to follow grew and he finally bought his own place.

FH had long been urging us to visit, before and after his permanent move, claiming Portland as not only beautiful and entertaining, but also a foodie heaven. And finally, last October, we finally made it.

And Good Noodle is he right.

Not only does it certainly offer a plethora of delicious foods, but an abundant restaurants are very Glutard-friendly!

The Husband and I arrived pretty late at night, while FH was still at work. We were hungry after the drive and decided that food was in order. I knew that Otto Pizza originated from Portland, but they were closed, so we did a quick grubhub search and found Willow’s Pizza that had GF pies – and quite possibly one of the best GF pizza’s I’ve ever had at that (Sorry, I was too busy tiredly gorging myself to take a photo).

FH began his tour of his home-base with a trip to his favorite Speakeasy-style whiskey bar, Bramhall

The next morning, FH brought me to Sip of Europe – a little Creperie that he visits a few times a month, with delicious coffee. Wouldn’t you know it, they had GF crepes, which were, again, divine. I wish I could say that I took photos so could follow this post with one about that, but sadly I was a bit worse for the wear from a celebratory reunion night and forgot. But worry not – he has promised to bring me there again when next we visit, and I’ll be less careless next time. Post for Sip of Europe (hopefully) to follow. Eventually.  But to give you a little taste, I borrowed this photo from her instagram:


And yes – those are Gluten Free Crepes in the photo.

But enough distractions, on to the topic of this particular post:

That night, The Husband in tow, FH brought us to the ultimate in seafood offerings – Eventide Oyster Co.


I’ve been to my fair share of seafood places, being from Boston as I am, so I was excited because he was excited, but otherwise was expecting much of the same I was used to.

Good Noodle. I don’t know when I’ve ever had such delicious offerings. Maine is famous for their lobster, as many of you might know, and now I truly understand why. Of course it isn’t the first time I’ve had Maine Lobster, but it is so different when you get it that freshly caught.

The unfortunate thing is – no, they don’t have things specifically labelled GF, but they are very accommodating to food allergies, and take such concerns seriously. Our waitress was very knowledgable about everything we ordered, but also insisted on double checking with the kitchen as well as asking for clarification on our allergies (the Husband’s nut allergy and my wheat).

She was very friendly, and even had another table of patrons with wheat allergies, which got us all into a conversation about dining out – I told her about my habit of carrying Glutenaid pills with me everywhere I go, which she excited told the other people about (they had never heard of such a thing).

The restaurant is split into two halves – the front being more of a oyster bar, and a side room with long, thick and solid tables for more traditional dining. We went pretty late in the evening, maybe around 9-10pm or so, so it was pretty empty, which meant we got one of these tables to ourselves. Unfortunately, this room was on the darker side, so my pictures didn’t come out that great, so I’m sorry for the quality of my photos. But I did want to share a full menu with you, so with a quick google search I found this photo posted on underconsideration.com:


There is also a full menu on their website, along with background and events (link above). Menu offerings do change a bit from time to time depending on availability and season, so be aware. You are also given a separate sheet for their oysters, which when we were there had something like 30 on offer, separated by locale.

I’m not really fan of oysters, admittedly, but the boys ordered a flight, and I had one which had a really nice taste (though I still will never be able to handle the mouthfeel -eugch)

We also ordered the tartare, a seared scallop dish (not on the above menu but listed online), and a lobster roll each. Also, I think, the pork belly. (sorry no photos from the other dishes).

Everything was amazing, but it is their sinfully delicious lobster roll which I wish to share with you now.

When FH first told us about this restaurant, he assured me that they had the best lobster rolls, and that they had a gluten-free roll available as well. I of course was thinking “yay…another iggy’s bun that overpowers the meat…” Boy was I wrong!

Their lobster rolls are served on a kind of sweet bun, and they had a GF roll to match. When it came out on the little table, it was overflowing with juicy meat. It was big enough that I had to cut them in half just to find a way to handle it – yes, those pictures are of the rolls lengthwise cut in half, and still bursting with delicious topping.

The meat itself with plump, succulent, and buttery, warmed in some delicious delicate sauce very much not mayo – this was no lobster salad roll.

The bread? it was soft, melty, and delicately sweet.

Every bite of the two flavors together danced upon my tastebuds and sang sweet music in my heart. I nearly cried.

I know my pictures suck so here’s another I found with the logo:


Just look at that buttery light sear, the rich colors, the soft, fluffy bun bursting with flavor… *drool*.

So overcome with joy, I had to order another – to split this time, it was a lot of food for one.

Here’s the good news:

For those who are thinking “great – I’d love to check out this place…if I ever go to Portland..” – THERE’S ONE IN BOSTON.


Admittedly, another foodie friend of mine has gone to it and they weren’t nearly as impressed (whamp whomp). Their complaint has to do with the ambiance of the Boston location being too busy with more oyster bar than dine-in feel to it if I remember correctly. I haven’t checked out the Boston one yet, but you bet your noodle I’m itching to go.

Those heavenly lobster rolls positively haunt my dreams and tastebuds on the regular.

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