Welcome to our blog for a Gluten Free Boston!

This little project came out of a two-fold desire to a) compile what I’ve learned about eating GF in this glorious city, and b) fill the void of much-needed information about GF options in said city.

…..and complete a school assignment (I admit it).

I’m here to assure you that, no – maybe you can’t eat carefree anymore, but you can still be GF and a foodie in Boston. Stick with me and I’ll do all the leg-work while you do all the eating. Fair deal?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

For those of you who are considering, or have recently discovered they must join the nutritionally-challenged hoards of GF Eaters in this our beautiful home of Boston and the surrounding area, I got you covered:

With me on this little adventure is the super sassy and new-to-broken-eating-lifestyle, Hennifer. She will be attempting to provide a semi-regular log of her experiences switching to a GF diet (at least for the interim of the first 60 days).

Galen and Jen
Your dutiful authors, a penguin, and slutty red riding hood 😉



note: Please understand that this is a mode of entertainment for writing and should not be taken as an example of my ample professional literary prowess, nor the day-to-day language usage generally expressed. There may be things in here that you do not like and for that I apologize, but it is written in slang, silliness, and distracted commentary.