NOLA – Gris Gris

GRIS-GRIS New Orleans, LA RESTAURANT RATING Time: ✔ Menu Options: ✔ GF Labelled?: X Food Quality: ✔ Server Knowledge: ✔ TOTAL RATING: 4 Hello All! So, I know that I promised that I was going to do a bit on the Red Beans and Rice recipe that I found at the NY Times Cooking site, … Continue reading NOLA – Gris Gris

NOLA, pt. 1

It has been quite a while, I admit. I apologize. But I felt the need to start a new thread. But first! I graduated last May, as was noted in a previous post. The summer has been awash of busy-ness and movement. I've spent a majority of the past 6 months working on getting my … Continue reading NOLA, pt. 1